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On Saturday I attended a conference in London.  I came across it a week or so ago and on the spur of the moment decided to attend. Somewhere between 1000 and 1400 other people also decided to attend the conference which wa’ organised by the  Coalition of Resistance.

The day was an overwhelming experience.

To start with a criticism, no thought had been given to disabled access when booking the venue. Although I received several apologies for this during the day, along with the explanation that they had not expected so many people, it was the first conference they had organised, everything had been done last minute etc., etc., I would have preferred a building with a lift to the apologies. I was able, with difficulty, to negotiate two flights of stairs up to the workshops I had chosen to attend, but then I’m not in a wheel chair.

DPAC have an excellent blog post on the conference, the author makes many important and relevant points both about the conference and the potential for inclusivity  in the future.

Video’s of many of the speakers can be seen at

I will write more when the weather stops interfering so badly with my internet connection!